Colwell Ramp

Bill standing on the wharf.

The Colwell Ramp is owned jointly by Stonington and Isle au Haut.  It was purchased to provide a public boat launch ramp, a kayak launch site, and a commercial equipment and material loading site for nearby islands including Isle au Haut. 
The property is located at the foot of Seabreeze Avenue next to the Isle au Haut Ferry terminal.  To access the property turn right onto Colwell's Lane just before entering the ferry terminal.  
Parking for loading and unloading ( 30 minutes ) only due to limited space.  Vehicles and vehicles with trailers should unload, then park in authorized or private parking sites off site to allow others plenty of room due to the volume of users.   
The property is a work in progress, a granite pier with floats for dinghy’s and temporary tie-ups, an expanded launch ramp, and a heavy material loading hoist are proposed. 

Please be sensitive to the needs of others using the facility.  Remove vehicles as soon as possible, take your garbage With you and dispose of it properly, be considerate of others trying to use the site at the same time.