Harbor Master

If you elect to tie your vessel to the Fish Pier, the existing ordinance makes it clear that if you are concerned about any pending storm, that you must remain on board and/or in the immediate vicinity of your vessel at all times.

Take the time to remove any objects that may float away during a storm surge and/or high winds or rains.

CHECK YOUR MOORING TACKLE. Your mooring is your best insurance policy!

Office of the Harbor Master

PO Box 9

Stonington, ME 04681

367-5891 (office)

Channel 16 on the VHF 

Raelene Pert - Harbor Master


Dana Webb - Assistant Harbor Master

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It is recommended that the weights indicated be submerged weights. Using the following table to calculate required weight of material submerged.

Table of Weight Loss in Water

Dry  Submerged  % Weight Loss 
Concrete 1,000 lb.  550 lb.  45% 
Granite 1,000 lb.  640 lb.  36% 
 Iron 1,000 lb.  860 lb.  14% 
 Steel 1,000 lb.  870 lb.  13% 

From the Office of the Harbor Master