“But my internet is good enough for me right now”.

-It isn’t good for everyone in the community, and it won’t be good in a few year’s time. We’re trying to invest in the community for the long-term, because we know that Spectrum and Consolidated won’t bring better service to our town, so we have to do it ourselves. This is an investment into at least 30 years of amazing internet.

“Why do we all need really fast internet?”

-Because we're all probably a little more intertwined with each other than we realize.  Even if you’re a lobsterman and you don’t directly benefit from high speed internet, the dealer you sell lobsters to depends on the internet to sell them elsewhere. And everyone else in town depends on that dealer selling lobsters, because it means lobstermen making money to spend in town.  

“Is this truly a project for the year-round community?”

-Yes. It’s for kids, because it’ll enhance their education, but it’s also for the elderly, to improve their healthcare, and for businesses in the area, to allow for easier transactions and to reach a broader audience. It’s for all the people who want to move here year-round and establish a business but can’t, because our communications infrastructure isn’t up to snuff.

“Why not just deliver it to businesses or whoever? Why the whole town?”

-Because these projects are so much more effective when an entire community has high-speed internet. It makes the community as a whole a more attractive place to live, work, and play. And because Stonington has a declining population, we need to make ourselves a more attractive place for all of that. We want people to stay here after they’ve graduated high school, and we want new people to move here to help bolster the population. That has less of a chance of happening if large parts of the town remain without good internet.

“I think you guys should be focusing on cell phone service instead”.

-We’re working on it. A tower is going up for AT&T north of the Cemetery Rd, and US Cellular is putting antennas on our water tank. We should have service all over town before next summer.

“How do you know fiber optic technology will be good for 30 years?”

-We don’t know that for sure. But we know that our best scientists have yet to find out the limits of the technology, and it uses the speed of light to connect you to the internet. It’s the best option anyone knows of, and it’s what towns across the country are investing in.

“All I want is cable TV and a landline telephone”.

-If we manage to get this internet system up and running for Stonington, you’d still be able to subscribe to your old provider. But, you’d still be able to get a telephone and your local TV stations with the new system and a relatively new TV—not even a smart TV, just a newish one.