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Address: 32 Main Street, PO Box 9, Stonington, ME 04681

2018 Water Conservation Notice

Initiated: July 9, 2018

Revised: July 23, 2018

The Stonington Water Company has limited water resources during the summer months, especially during times of extreme drought as experienced this year. This is continuing to limit the ability of the water system to maintain the water storage tank at an acceptable level. The Water Company is working on increasing its current level of water production in an effort to maintain the tank level. In the meantime, it is essential that everyone practice water conservation due to the current water production shortage.

The Water Company is authorized to restrict water use during periods of limited water supply events. Purchasing water will be a costly option for the Water Company and its connected customers; therefore, we are hoping to avoid this option. There are many ways that the public can assist to conserve water whether residential or commercial.

We have listed some basic required conservation practices below:

  • Turn off the water when not in use.
  • Limit use of water for irrigation purposes especially for lawn watering!
  • Reduce the amount of water used when conducting normal household tasks.
  • Reduce the amount of water used at restaurants and other commercial businesses by communicating with personnel on the importance of conservation.
  • Minimize car washing, boat washing and cleaning of outside buildings or other uses of water which can wait until the shortage is over.
  • Report all wasteful water uses observed to the Water Company.



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About Stonington

Stonington is a town located in Hancock County, Maine. The area was settled in 1762, and was known as Green's Landing before it incorporated as a town on February 18, 1897. Green's Landing was originally a part of Deer Isle, Maine, and today the two towns create a dynamic island community.

Stonington offers visitors a look into the unique culture of Downeast Maine. Stunning, unspoiled physical beauty abounds on the island and supports commercial and recreational activities. Stonington waters are home to a working fleet of more than 300 lobster boats, and, in the summer, recreational boats and kayaks. In the late 1800's, granite quarries from the island supplied stone to historic structures including John F. Kennedy's memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. Granite is quarried to this day on the island.

The foundation of the economy remains the lobster and fishing industry, with a unique sense of place attracting artists and sightseers. In addition to being the state leader in pounds and dollar value of lobster landings, the island hosts an array of hiking trail opportunities, including Crockett Cove Woods, which consists of 100 acres of self-guiding nature trails and bird watching opportunities. A vibrant working waterfront is present on the island and supplies local restaurants with fresh lobster. The Isle au Haut mail boat travels from Stonington Harbor and provides access to the Isle au Haut station of Acadia National Park.

Wondering where to park? Looking for a place for lunch? Searching for shops or galleries? Check out our 2017 Stonington Maps, compliments of Stonington Economic Development Committee.