Boards and Committees

Stonington Miniature Village


Meeting Day & Time 


Appeals Board 

 As Needed

 Board of Selectmen

 1st & 3rd Monday, 7pm

 Town Hall, 1st Floor

 Conservation Commission

 Harbor Committee

 2nd Tuesday, 7pm

 Harbor Master/Fish Pier Manager's Office

 Microloan Committee

 As Needed

 Town Hall, 1st Floor

 Planning Board

 3rd Thursday, 6:30pm

 Town Hall, 1st Floor

 Shellfish Conservation Committee

 4th Wednesday, 6pm

 Town Hall, 2nd Floor

 Stonington Economic Development Committee (SEDC)

 1st Thursday, 7:30am

 Town Hall, 1st Floor

 SEDC Historic Preservation Sub-Committee

 SEDC Shoulder Season Sub-Committee