Economic Development

Economic development in Stonington is guided by our citizens, our 2018 Comprehensive Plan, and the principles of supporting a healthy, diverse, year-round economy while maintaining Stonington's essential character.  For any inquiries, contact Henry Teverow, Stonington's Economic Development Director, in person at the Stonington Town Office, at 207-367-2351, or at

The Stonington Economic Development Committee (SEDC) was formed in 2004 with the goal of supporting and enhancing Stonington's economy.  The committee works to sustain and support business, including but not limited to: fishing, tourism, arts, construction, retail, and agriculture.  The hope is to develop, through local efforts, a more vibrant year-round economy for local businesses.  The committee offers support to local businesses and works to implement strategies that help create and retain year round jobs, attract new residents, diversify the economy, and generally keep Stonington a year-round, working town.

The committee meets the first Thursday of the month on the first floor of the Town Office.

Committee Members:

Roger Bergen

Les Weed

Paul Anderson

Bob Winters

Per Janson

Sue Buxton

Sam Ostrow

Stroud Watson

Julie Moringello

Annie Gray

Susan Robinson

Barrett Gray

Evelyn Duncan, Selectmen's Representative 

Henry Teverow, Chair, Economic Development Director 

The Town of Stonington has a micro-enterprise loan program. This program provides financial assistance to qualifying micro-businesses (companies that employ 5 or fewer employees, one of whom is the business owner).

A micro-loan may be used for a variety of projects, including the purchasing of materials, product packaging, upgrading equipment, improved facilities, and other projects that will help expand or upgrade a business.  

Once the town receives your micro-loan application, the form will be reviewed by the Stonington Micro-Loan Committee, who will inform you of their decision within 30 days.  For more information, contact the Stonington Town Office at 367-2351.