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Stonington Economic Development Committee

Meeting Day & Time

First Tuesday of the month, 7:30 AM

Town Hall, 1st Floor

Meeting Minutes

(There are no minutes posted.)

The Stonington Economic Development Committee (SEDC) was formed in 2004 to support and enhance Stonington's economy.  The committee has worked and continues to support all the Town's businesses, including but not limited to:  fisheries and shore side support; arts and culture; tourism; construction; retail; and agriculture.

Re-launched in 2022 after a short hiatus around the COVID-19 pandemic, the SEDC has been reconfigured as the Stonington Economic & Community Development Committee with the goal of developing, through local efforts, a more vibrant and sustainable year-round economy for all.

The committee continues to:

    • offer support to the Town's businesses
    • work with local and statewide partners and funding to attract new investment
    • create and retain year round jobs and an adaptable workforce
    • strengthen the Town's economic infrastructure through diversification, and 
    • in general, to maintain Stonington as a year-round, working waterfront community

To achieve these goals, the committee looks to leverage, through collaboration and coordination, the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Stonington is a great place to:

    • Start or Grow a Business:  Entrepreneurism and Innovation are the cornerstones of Stonington's culture.
      • identify potential markets/opportunities
      • provide access to training and support, in addition but not limited to the Microloan program
    • Live & Work
      • Grow and Retain Local Talent
      • Attract New Talent
      • Promote Innovation
      • Provide Supporting Infrastructure and Asset development to attract and retain people:  broadband, schools, childcare, housing, transportation
    • Travel & Explore
      • cultural tourism
      • destination marketing

The committee meets the first Tuesday of the month on the first floor of the Town Office.

Members / Contacts

Barrett Gray                          Morgan Eaton

Chelsea Brown                     Dean Haskell

Max Katzenberg                   Howard Hutchinson

Christopher Ross                  Kim Hutchinson 

Carla Guenther                     Phil McFarland

Harry Caldwell                       John McVeigh

Linda Nelson, Chair

Evelyn Duncan, Select Board Representative


Short-term Rental Registration Ordinance

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