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Important Updates for Our Community

A Message From The Town

The Town Hall is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, for two face-mask-wearing customers at a time.  Please be patient with us, as restrictions surrounding COVID-19 safety protocols may impact our ability to deliver services in a timely manner.

Elections Information

Voters may cast an absentee ballot instead of voting in person. To minimize interaction with others during this public health pandemic, some voters may prefer voting by absentee ballot. Casting an absentee ballot is convenient and secure.

Absentee ballots may be requested in writing, by phone, online, or in person up to and including the day of the election, without specifying a reason. However, if you are asking to receive your ballot by mail, please request it early enough to allow for postal mail delivery time – both to receive it and return it (2-5 days each way).

You can request an absentee ballot online or by mail from the Secretary of State's website: 

You can also request an absentee ballot by calling your the Town Hall at 207-367-2351 ext. 12.

Absentee ballot requests are being accepted right now. Printed ballots will be available by mid-October, and we will issue your ballot as soon as possible after that date.

Ballots must be returned to the municipal clerk no later than 8:00 PM on Election Day.

For additional information go to: absenteeguide.html

COVID-19 Business Update

A list of resources and information that will help you and your employees overcome difficulties in this time.

Island-wide COVID-19 Resources

This document can help you weather the storm a little safer and a little healthier by providing you with updates from local businesses on hours of operation and other operating changes. Use these resources to help you shelter in place, social distance, and get the help you need.

  • Island-wide resources
  • State-wide resources

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