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Current job openings for the Town of Stonington are posted below. To apply for a job offered, please complete the Application for Employment linked below, and submit by correspondence or by email, and we will respond at our earliest convenience.

Please send applications to:
Town of Stonington, PO Box 9, Stonington, Maine, 04681
Or email to:

The Town of Stonington is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Positions will remain open until filled.

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Town Job Openings

Road Foreman

Position Title: Road Foreman

Reports to: Town Manager / Road Commissioner

Department: Public Works

Responsibility Summary:

Responsible for the day-to-day supervision of Public Works (PW) employees and the overall maintenance and repair of all Town roads, buildings, cemeteries, recreational facilities, and grounds.

This is a direct field-supervision position with some administrative duty requirements. However, the majority of work requirements are field “non-office” work. The estimated split of responsibilities would be 75% field work and 25% administrative work.

The Road Foreman is expected to work directly with the public works crew onsite, supervising and assisting with the majority of PW projects. Assisting is to be interpreted as operating equipment as needed to complete the project. It is expected that the Road Foreman will perform the administrative duties of this position during times when smaller, routine PW projects do not require onsite supervision.

The Road Foreman shall schedule work plans accordingly to meet the administrative requirements of this position.

Essential Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities:

Oversees daily, direct supervision of all Public Works employees and part-time crew members as needed. Keeps accurate timesheets and turns in required records (timecards, weekly tally, etc.) to bookkeeper for payroll processing
In consultation with Town Manager/Road Commissioner, schedules all work for Public Works crew.
Maintains an overall schedule of all duties and projects to be completed and submits regular reports to the Town Manager/Road Commissioner on project progress

Unless otherwise directed by the Town Manager/Road Commissioner, the Road Foreman will plow snow and manage every storm “event.” The Road Foreman will direct all snow plowing activities and personnel (full-time, part-time, reserve drivers, and contractors). Administrative duties are not to be performed during winter storm events and the Road Foreman will be a working supervisor/plow driver and will operate winter equipment while managing the storm event activities and personnel.

Periodically inspects Town buildings and equipment and works with Safety Coordinator to insure up-to-date/compliant safety policies for Public Works and maintains all required associated records in consultation with the Town Manager/Road Commissioner.  Directly inspects, and oversees all maintenance and repairs of all public roads, culverts, walkways, trees, public cemeteries, storm drains, and town-owned grounds

Assists Town Manager/Road Commissioner, to maintain a comprehensive road maintenance plan that includes an up-to-date database of every Town roadway: current conditions of road, past work, future planned work, and estimated & actual maintenance, repair and construction costs.
In consultation with Town Manager, oversees all contracts, including but not limited to: cemetery mowing, grounds maintenance, line striping, paving, fuel delivery, etc.

Works with other department heads and the Town Manager to ensure the proper maintenance including repair and painting of all Town buildings.
Arranges, coordinates, and oversees all public works projects involving construction crews and contractors in consultation with the Town Manager.  Oversees installation and maintenance of road signs and inventories

Operates a wide range of vehicles, heavy construction equipment, power equipment, and hand tools in the performance of job duties.  With consultation of the Town Manager/Road Commissioner: oversees purchase orders for the public works department, and makes necessary purchases of equipment and supplies for ongoing maintenance/repair of Town property.  Maintains accurate records and files.  Oversees routine maintenance of all Town-owned, or leased Public Works equipment and all Town vehicles. Works with Town Manager and other department heads and supervises Town Mechanic and oversees private mechanics if/when needed to properly maintain a healthy Town fleet of vehicles

Generates/maintains an annual list of work completed and updates/maintains an annual/seasonal work plan for future Public Works projects and activities.  Prepares budget recommendations to the Town Manager for the Public Works Department.  Other related duties as assigned and directed by the Town Manager.

The Road Foreman is expected to be a positive contributing member of the Town’s management team and shall possess excellent customer service skills and provide excellent customer service to all customers of Public Works which includes: All Town residents, taxpayers, employees, and other users of Town-owned assets (roads, buildings, grounds, etc).  Working cooperatively and collaboratively with the Town Manager/Road Commissioner, other department heads, all employees of the Town and Public Works, and private citizens is an essential function of this position.

Required Background and Experience

A minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent education and experience
Minimum of three years of construction or exterior maintenance experience
Ability to effectively direct and supervise others
Proven organizational skills and the ability to manage a wide variety of tasks and assignments
Broad knowledge of road maintenance and landscaping
Experience with the operation, care, and safe use of a wide range of machines and tools
Ability to effectively direct and supervise others
Construction oversight experience is a plus
Knowledge of computers, word-processing and databases
Class B vehicle operator’s license with Air Brake endorsement
Good physical health; average or above dexterity and agility. Ability to pass a pre-placement physical
Ability to climb ladders and scaffolds, crawl under and through structures, walk uneven terrain and repeatedly lift up to a maximum of 75 lbs

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: 3 years (Required)

License: Class B CDL (Required)

Benefits: Health insurance, Vacation time, Sick time, Paid Holidays

Animal Control Officer

The Town of Stonington has a job opening for an Animal Control Officer.  This person will operate on an hourly basis and report to the Stonington Town Manager.  The Animal Control Officer is responsible for the following duties: 1) Enforce the Animal Control Laws of the State of Maine within the boundaries of Stonington. 2) Within six months of appointment become certified by the State of Maine as an Animal Control Officer. 3) Serve warnings to dog owners who fail to register their dogs in accordance with state law by January 31st each year. 4) Investigate, prepare a report, and deliver said report to the proper authorities in regard to all animal bite and abuse reports in accordance with state statute.  5) When practical, transport stray animals to the designated town animal shelter. 

Planning Board Secretary

The Town of Stonington seeks a secretary to serve on our Planning Board.  This position will be responsible for taking minutes at Planning Board meetings, and will receive a stipend for work performed at each monthly meeting.  This position is part-time.  The Planning Board meets the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM.

By filling out the form below, and delivering it to the Town Hall, either in person, or by correspondence to PO Box 9, Stonington, Maine, 04681.  A call to Roger Stone, Stonington's Licensed Plumbing Inspector, is encouraged.

Roger Stone, Licensed Plumbing Inspector
Phone: 207-367-2601

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In order to legally sell liquor at a dining establishment, an approved liquor license application is required.  Fill out the form below, and deliver it in person to the Town Hall, or by correspondence to PO Box 9, Stonington, Maine, 04681.

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Development is not legally allowed until a Building Permit Application has been completed and approved by the issuing authority.  Instructions are provided on the application.

For more information, please contact Judy Jenkins, Code Enforcement Officer.

Judy Jenkins, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 207-367-2351 ext. 11 (cell: 207-266-0785)

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If you've got a large quantity of brush you'd like to burn, you need to acquire a burn permit before doing anything.  These permits may be obtained by calling members of the Stonington Fire Department.

Ryan Hayward, Fire Chief
Phone: 207-610-3106

Delbert Gross, Fire Police
Phone: 207-367-5099.

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