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Shellfish Conservation Committee

Meeting Day & Time

Second Wednesday of the month, 6:00 PM

Stonington or Deer Isle Town Hall

Meeting Minutes

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The Shellfish Conservation Committee is an island-wide committee dedicated to preserving and sustaining the clam resource in Deer Isle and Stonington.  They create and enact policies, host conservation events, and follow-through with reseeding efforts and beach clean-up efforts.

Members / Contacts

Kurt Ciomei

Benjamin Hardie

Lucas Oliver

Blaine Olsen

George Powell

Jacob McCarty

Crystal Gove, Chair

Raelene Pert, Shellfish Warden

Travis Fifield, Select Board Representative

Additional Info / FAQs

See The Maine Shellfish Handbook below


Shellfish Conservation Ordinance (3.5.2022)

Shellfish Committee Minutes 2022

Shellfish Committee Minutes 2021

Shellfish Committee Minutes 2020

Shellfish Committee Minutes 2019

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