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Current job openings for the Town of Stonington are posted below. To apply for a job offered, please complete the Application for Employment linked below, and submit by correspondence or by email, and we will respond at our earliest convenience.

Please send applications to:
Town of Stonington, PO Box 9, Stonington, Maine, 04681
Or email to:

The Town of Stonington is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Positions will remain open until filled.

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Town Job Openings

Animal Control Officer

The Town of Stonington has a job opening for an Animal Control Officer.  This person will operate on an hourly basis and report to the Stonington Town Manager.  The Animal Control Officer is responsible for the following duties: 1) Enforce the Animal Control Laws of the State of Maine within the boundaries of Stonington. 2) Within six months of appointment become certified by the State of Maine as an Animal Control Officer. 3) Serve warnings to dog owners who fail to register their dogs in accordance with state law by January 31st each year. 4) Investigate, prepare a report, and deliver said report to the proper authorities in regard to all animal bite and abuse reports in accordance with state statute.  5) When practical, transport stray animals to the designated town animal shelter. 

Planning Board Secretary

The Town of Stonington seeks a secretary to serve on our Planning Board.  This position will be responsible for taking minutes at Planning Board meetings, and will receive a stipend for work performed at each monthly meeting.  This position is part-time.  The Planning Board meets the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM.

By filling out the form below, and delivering it to the Town Hall, either in person, or by correspondence to PO Box 9, Stonington, Maine, 04681.  A call to Roger Stone, Stonington's Licensed Plumbing Inspector, is encouraged.

Roger Stone, Licensed Plumbing Inspector
Phone: 207-367-2601

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Plumbing Permit

In order to legally sell liquor at a dining establishment, an approved liquor license application is required.  Fill out the form below, and deliver it in person to the Town Hall, or by correspondence to PO Box 9, Stonington, Maine, 04681.

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Liquor License Application

Development is not legally allowed until a Building Permit Application has been completed and approved by the issuing authority.  Instructions are provided on the application.

For more information, please contact Judy Jenkins, Code Enforcement Officer.

Judy Jenkins, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 207-367-2351 ext. 11 (cell: 207-266-0785)

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Building Permit Application

If you've got a large quantity of brush you'd like to burn, you need to acquire a burn permit before doing anything.  These permits may be obtained by calling members of the Stonington Fire Department.

Ryan Hayward, Fire Chief
Phone: 207-610-3106

Delbert Gross, Fire Police
Phone: 207-367-5099.

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